I interviewed Jossy, our friend and cooking expert with amazing culinary training, for her expert advice:

Debra the Dating Diva: Jossy, What’s the key to impressing a woman when a man  cooks for her?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: Attention to detail. If you cook what you have learned that she likes  by observing her, for sure you will impress her… She will be moved & impressed. Pay attention to what foods she mentions she likes, what she orders when you go out for dinner, etc.

Debra the Dating Diva: Can food be used as foreplay?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: Yes… Feed eachother…

Debra the Dating Diva: Is it better to cook for a woman or cook together? Why?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and finding a delicious meal on the table. 2 is always better than one. If you both enjoy cooking do it together, if one doesn’t then find something to do. Every Chef needs a taster, a sous chef, companion, someone to help clean, set the table. Complement each other…

Debra the Dating Diva: Why do you think women like men who can cook?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: Beacause that man can take care of himself. He will appreciate a home made meal (he knows it takes time, effort & creativity), and if you can’t cook for him he won’t make you feel guilty.

Debra the Dating Diva: When is it too early to cook for a woman?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: Every case is different. For sure before cooking for her, you need time to know what she likes and dislike in food. Listen, observe & ask.

Debra the Dating Diva: What dish can a man can cook for a woman if he’s not too skilled in the kitchen and doesn’t have the best knives and gadgets?

Jossy the Queen of Cooking: salad: buy a bag of fresh cut lettuce. Add cherry tomato, cucumber, sliced almonds & goat cheese. In a bowl combine olive oil, touch of honey, balsamic vinegar and a little bit of orange juice. S & P to taste. Grilled Sea Bass/ Salmon/ Halibut. Season both sides with Salt & Pepper. In a hot pan add olive oil & a little bit of butter. Place fillet in the middle of pan and let cook for 3 to four minutes each side -until brown. Turn flame to simmer and add a little bit of water and cover for 5-6 minutes until cooked. Serve over salad, have some French bread on the table & Listo! Easy, healthy and light 🙂

3 tips for cooking for your woman: 1. Keep it simple. 2. Know your recipe 3. Promise yourself you are going to enjoy the experience…stress free.