What’s a “Green Flag” you ask? Well, in my opinion, it’s a sign of good things to come . On a date or early in a relationship, green flags can signal that a guy is worth getting to know more.  It’s easy to pick out the red flags that scare us women off, but let’s give guys a little credit and reinforce what they’re doing right so they can keep on doin it!  I checked in with my ladies on the Black Book Builder panel to find out what some of their green flags are.  Check out the video above to catch a glimpse of our discussion…

Jen the Level-Headed Therapist –  A good listener. When a guy asks questions, listens to what she has to say, and asks follow up questions.

Katie the Comedian – she wants to know if it’s an official date and not get caught in the awkward  “Who’s gonna pay” credit card quick draw. And, be on time!

Steph the Marriage Expert – She likes when a guy puts thought into the date and plans it out.

Debra the Dating Diva (yours truly) – I like when a guy can be himself and let the conversation flow without having to ask too many “what’s your favorite ______fill in the blank) questions.  Does it really matter what my favorite color or snack is? If I want you to know, I’ll bring it up or it will come up in conversation. Also, if he’s fun,  has a good sense of humor, and smiles a lot, it’s a bonus.  Here’s a tip, rather that the awkward “Do you want to go out again?” question at the end of the date, find something in common that you both like or want to do while on the date so it’s already agreed that you two will hang again and have something to look forward to.  When a guy does these things, it shows me green  flags that things will progress naturally.