Here we are getting ready for another girls night out (actually Cassie’s Birthday.) But, while we’re at it, I wanted to capture it so you men could what goes into getting ready for a night out- be it a girls night, or a date. And finally, a bit of advice from the ladies and myself:

* Compliment a woman on her outfit or hair when you first see her. Whether she took 10 minutes or an hour, she put thought into it. Sometimes I think about my outfit before I get out of bed or when I’m in the car home from somewhere else and other times I try on 10 outfits.  I even pick out shoes based on the guy’s height – maybe a bit extreme – but it happens. Either way, it counts. She’ll appreciate that you noticed and be excited to get ready the next time she sees you!

* If you’re planning the date, let the woman know what the date will be or at least the attire so she knows what to wear. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than being unprepared for the occasion and in an outfit that isn’t functional. For example, if I put on my highest heels, I don’t want to be walking miles on a date, or if I’m wearing goofy flats, I wouldn’t be excited about a night our of dancing.

* Bring a coat or extra jacket that you can take off and put over her shoulders if she gets cold. Its very sweet and chivalrous and will break down her defenses because its a gesture that shows that you care about her well being.