Welcome to Black Book Builder, where you can call me to get her.

Thousands of bad dates are happening every day all over the world. Trust me, I’ve been on plenty.  Do you ever wish a woman would just tell you what she wants you to do instead of making you guess and try to read her mind?

That’s where Black Book Builder comes in-to demystify the world of dating for all you men out there. As founder and owner of Black Book Builder, my goal is to help you understand what women want and so you can have your choice of the women you want.  Not only have I been on my share of dates and dating websites,  but I’ve given advice to countless men and women. I’ve heard it all.  I was so fed up with having to train men that didn’t get it, that I decided to do some research and talk  to several hundreds of men and women to find out exactly what they want from the opposite sex. Now, with my experience and the help of my panel of ladies, I can  give you guys a break… And indirectly help women everywhere while I’m at it.

Want to know what a girl wants to hear when you approach her in a bar or the market? Want to know how to tell if she’s into you after a couple dates or if she’s on the fence and just giving you one more shot?  Or, wishing you knew what to say in an argument to make her just stop talking and worrying? Just ask!

Get customized advice tailored to your situation.

Don’t bug your guy friends. They may not want to deal with it or know what to say. There’s really no one list of what to do. Different situations call for different solutions and insight. With my advice,  you’ll stop wasting your energy on girls that aren’t worth it and know how to attract and keep the ones that are!

First Panel of Ladies Meeting

Or, poll the Panel of Ladies for an array of responses.

Since women are so unique, I’ve enlisted the help of my panel of amazing women with different personalities and areas of expertise  to weigh in on the tough topics and give you insight into the woman’s perspective.

How do you get personalized dating advice?

Email your situation and question to blackbookbuilder@gmail.com.

I’ll email you back a response for free or a polled response from my panel of women free as well. Include a photo. (I want to give you a realistic assessment and if you’re  awesome, I may save you for myself 🙂  Your photo and last name will not be published but your question and answer may be posted on the site if it fascinates me. Your first question is free. If you like what you h ear, you can sign up for unlimited e-mail advice from Debra, the Dating Diva and her panel of ladies for $14.99 a month.

Can you talk to me on the phone for extended advice?

Yes, if you’d like to have a more in-depth chat, we can set up a  call but I charge a small fee for these. Just e-mail blackbookbuilder@gmail.com with your phone number and the day/times you are available. 15 minute calls are $15  (less than a co-payment at the doctor or therapist’s office.)  and 50 minute calls are $45)

Current deals: If you refer a new client, get your next call free.

How to make payment

Go to paypal.com, click on “send money”, then “personal”, then enter  the payment amount and pay to blackbookbuilder@gmail.com.

Once I receive payment, I will confirm your appointment time via e-mail for calls.

Anything else?

Take a look around the site – learn something, share something. Make comments, e-mail me any entertaining dating content you find on the web or video of your worst dating story or best dating advice.  Or, if you just want help revamping your online dating profile, I’m a pro at that too!

My Panel of Ladies and I are looking forward to helping you solve the mysteries of women and teaching you the skills to be able to get and keep any woman you want!

Your Dating Diva,

Debra 🙂