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What’s a busy guy to do?

How does a busy guy let a woman know he’s interested when he can’t call, write, or hang often? A guy wrote in to ask me this question that I hear and have experienced so often that I decided to post an entry about it.

He works a ton and wasn’t sure how to let a girl know he was interested because it was hard to plan dates or write or call enough. Here’s what I told him.

This is a common problem. The key is making the girl aware of your situation in a way that doesn’t sound like it’s an excuse for not making an effort. Instead make her feel special and feel that even though you have such a crazy work schedule that the free time you do get, that you want to spend with her. Do things when you do have time to make her feel special and loved so she doesn’t feel insecure when you haven’t spoken or seen each other in a while. For example, on the date, talk about what you would like to do or take her to on the next date do so she knows you want to see her even if you can’t plan the exact date or time you will do it yet. Keep her in the loop on what you’re up against but don’t bore her with the details. When you do have time to chat or hang, make it count. Make her excited to get to see you again!

What do you think? How do you get around dating as a busy guy?


Date ideas. Dinner is not your only option!

Okay, so the reason I filmed this particular video is because I started the Rev Abs  90-day challenge fitness challenge which includes 3 months of pre-planned meals from Sunfare. So my dating life is going to have to change a bit because I can’t go to dinner yet. I’ve already gone ice-skating, and have a photography museum date and circus show date planned because I refuse to go to tea every night.  But, for those of you NOT on a diet, you still may want to know what girls are up for doing  on dates besides going to dinner so the two of you can have fun experiences together while you get to know each other. Spice it up and get her looking forward to something exciting! Check out our girl chat about fun non-food-related date ideas!