Dena – The Serial Monogamist

As someone that’s only been single for, at most, four consecutive months, Dena knows how to get to a man’s heart: good food and sports. After dating her share of the world’s least eligible bachelors, Dena has finally settled down with the one man NOT named Javier Bardem that can make brown eyes and chest hair lethally sexy. Over the years and through numerous failed relationships, she has become a firm believer that a woman can neither change a man nor change herself to please that man.
She is a hopeless romantic that believes chivalry is not dead, that the man should always offer to pay for the first date (yes, even if she’s crazy), and that you can’t expect somebody to respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Steph – The Marriage Specialist

An independent woman, but a romantic at heart – I’m the creative spirit that keeps our marriage spicy. Every valentines day I write 50 reasons why I love him and I’m now at 400.  I’ve been with my husband for 6 years but I remember how he won me over with his charm, humor, and romantic gestures. He knew how to make me feel loved, heard, and special. Other guys in the past didn’t succeed because  the baseball players, frat boys, firemen, and valedictorians didn’t know how to truly connect with me and compromise.  I want to make sure that other men know how to treat women like my husband treats me.

Jen – The Level-Headed Therapist

As someone who counsels people for a living, I spend the majority of my days helping people navigate the most important relationships in their lives. I see the ups, the downs, the good and the downright scary. Having had my fair share of dates and relationships, and with years of clinical experience as a marriage and family therapist, I can provide unique perspective and a level-headed approach to the often-complicated world of dating in Los Angeles and beyond. From dating to relationships to marriage, I’ve done it all. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone, and with a little hard work, patience, and the right chemistry, love can blossom. And when all else fails…well, that’s what we’re here for.

Janine – The Dreamer

My mother once told me, “Love-It’s not like in the movies.” My response to her (and to all hopeless romantics) is it ought to be, and it can be. From a young age, I dreamt of a kind of love based on affection, honesty, mutual respect, and adoration. I knew that when I found my prince, I would shower him with kisses and kindness all the days of our lives. But, I had to kiss a few frogs before heading to the alter, learning a thing or two along the way. Two is the loneliest number when you’re with the wrong person. Take heed of those who take people in their lives for granted and when they give their dogs more attention (not to mention affection) than you. It’s a telltale sign that something’s amiss. You may think you know your “type” but why limit yourself? Instead of focusing on superficial details, peel a few layers and go deeper… into their heart. If “movie romance” is playful, gripping, and fun, then why sign up to star in anything else?

Katy-Miss Class

How can love survive in such a graceless age.  What happened to the class and romance that seemed to be born in the city of angels.   Dating in this town is more like interviewing for a job than finding someone you are compatible with.  Living in a world where we are drowning in technology, why can’t you just go online and type in everything you want and BOOM….she/he comes out like George Jetsons coffee in his flying car on his way to work.  It would appear that dating was narrowed down to an exact science would make it easy, right?  Wrong.  Trust me, I have been on THE worst dates ever with people that were “perfectly compatible” with everything that I found important.  (Note: Did I fill out those surveys wrong or am I THAT crazy that I’m compatible with these people?)  Everyone has always told me I was too picky and that love is NOT as it appears in Disney movies.  I will never agree with that.  Why shouldn’t it be rainbows and butterflies?  If men are from mars and women are from venus, let’s throw in some subtitles and learn to accept and embrace these differences.  Imperfections can be why we fall in love.  Don’t ever settle, you deserve it all.  Move over Eeyore, Tiggers got this.

Katie – The Comedian

Dating, dating, dating…oh how I love thee; oh how I detest thee!!!  It really is a Love-Hate relationship, isn’t it??  I have had my share of dating nightmares, but I approach all dates with a smile (sometimes there’s a lot of smiling and nodding…ugh!  lol).  I mean, whether it is a “good date” or a “bad date”, it’s always a story.  And from those stories I ALWAYS find humor!  I look forward to helping others by looking at my experiences.  I like hearing questions from gentlemen (and the rest of you guys, too!).  Hopefully, mixed in with my sarcasm, there may be a glimpse of truth or a helpful “nugget” of information.  So, don’t take it the wrong way when I’m sarcastic–it’s just my nature!

Jill- The Straight Shooter

I have been dating for half of my life now. It’s safe to say I have been on every type of
date with every type of guy. I have done online dating, been set up, and met men at all
types of places and events. After all the funny, weird, bad and strange dates I am still a
romantic, but I am a realistic romantic. I say it like I see it.

Most people will not tell you exactly what they are thinking, but they always drop hints and leave signs. I will help
you decipher the hints and signs. I will be very honest, even harsh at times, because I
care and I want to help you.

Justine – The Romantic

I met my husband a few years ago. I knew he was “the one” because of the connection we have. That’s what it all boils down to. You just feel it or you don’t. However, is making a commitment always easy? No,  especially when you’ve never committed to just one job, place to live, or even flavor of ice cream for a lifetime.  So how do you really know when you found “the one”? It’s not a simple answer.   But I’ll always ask you, “When you’re with them do you laugh a lot?”



Chloe the Optimist

When I was a teenager, the vision of myself in my mid-twenties was this: I would have a diploma from a good university, I would have my career set, and I would be living in my own house with my husband with kids along the way. Little did I know then that the third could not be farther from reality! Even though I am one of those not ready to be “tied down” just yet, I have done my fair share of dating from speed dating to asking men out myself to making men chase me. Dating can be really awkward. There are both written and unwritten rules, and even if you wrote them all down, you can still go wrong. People are different. Even different cultures handle relationships differently. On the bright side, the most important thing about all of my relationships is that I’ve learned from every single one of them (whether I agree with the lessons or not!). Relationships are work, but when you do it right, it is so worth it.