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Women and dating can seem complicated, right? That’s where I come in. I’ll help you see the women’s perspective so you’re not left guessing. I’ll be your relationship specialist at your beck and call to guide you through the ups and downs of dating and find the path to the ideal love life. It’s more convenient and way cheaper than a therapist’s visit. No sugar coating or just listening.  I’ve heard it all and I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on and give you practical advice and likely outcomes.  I’ll save you from the mistakes that make her de-friend you on facebook and be there to help you get through the hard times.  And, I’ll probably crack you up while I’m at it. Let’s have some fun and find you the one!


If you’d like to have an in-depth chat, we can set up a private & confidential call.

Just purchase your session time below. In the Paypal checkout page that opens, you’ll be prompted to include your phone number and preferred session time. I’ll email you within 24 hours to schedule the session. After our first call, you may have my direct line to text for easier scheduling and impromtu sessions.

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For questions, email me at Talk to you soon!  – Debra