A lot happens in life and relationships in six months. Have you put your time in or is your time up? In my book, if you get past three months, you know you’re in a relationship with someone you like enough to attempt to make it work with. But in 6 months, you find out if you two actually work or if you’re falling apart.

Attraction will only take you so far. Over time, you find out if their personality calms you down or riles you up. Are you communicating or constantly miscommunicating? Does your significant other add value and joy to your life or are they sucking the life out of you?

Lets take a closer look at signs that may describe your relationship:  diamond lane, road work ahead,  icy road stay clear!

Diamond Lane

If your relationship is in the diamond lane, your girlfriend brings more to your life than she sucks out of it. You’d rather have her around than not. Of course, you have the freedom and space to do what you want to do in life and she supports it as you support her goals. You both envision a similar future together and have even begun to discuss the next steps like possibly living together or if you want kids one day. She fits nicely into your life and social and family scene.  You may have your ups and downs but you don’t let a bad mood or a innocent remark turn into a misunderstanding more often than not. When you have disagreements you hear each other out and truly and openly want the best for each other.  She’s a keeper that you want to make your partner for life.

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